Departing Australia Superannuation Payment(DASP)

If you are a foreign national who has been working in Australia and are planning to leave the country, you may be eligible for the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment, or better known as DASP. This is lump sum payment made to individuals who have earned superannuation whilst being employed in Australia and who are permanently leaving Australia 

We discuss further in this blog if you are eligible for DASP.

So what is DASP?

The Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) is a payment made to eligible individuals who have worked in Australia and who have accumulated superannuation contributions during their time in the country. The payment is made as a lump sum and is designed to provide individuals with access to their superannuation savings upon leaving Australia.

Who is eligible for DASP?

To be eligible for DASP, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a foreign national who has worked in Australia on a temporary visa (such as a student visa or a working holiday visa) or on a bridging visa.
  2. You must have left Australia and your visa must have expired or been cancelled.
  3. You must not be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia.
  4. You must have accumulated superannuation contributions during your time in Australia.

How to apply for DASP?

You can apply for DASP yourself or engage the services of a professional who will liaise with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the appropriate superannuation fund. As you know, superannuation funds are released to individuals only under special circumstances, so considerable checking and paperwork is required to obtain DASP. 

The paperwork will require you to provide your personal details, as well as information about your employer and your superannuation fund. Foreign information is also required to support your foreign national status. 

You will also need to provide evidence of your identity, such as a certified copy of your passport or other government-issued identification. Additionally, you will need to provide evidence of your visa status (being expired) and your departure from Australia, such as a copy of your airline ticket or passport stamp.

Once all the paperwork has been completed the paperwork is lodged with the various governing bodies. It is also worth noting that some fees do apply and non-payment of these fees will cancel the process. The ATO and other governing bodies will review the application and either grant or deny the ability to obtain a final payment of your superannuation. 

The process can be time consuming and complex, and in most cases, individuals engage professional help. This allows them to continue to work overseas whilst having a local presence helping them. If you are a foreign national leaving Australia or know someone who is, feel free to contact Omnia Business Solution and let them help you get your DASP

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