Omnia Makes Running Payroll A Breeze For Uniform Manufacturer


Running payroll for over 25 employees doesn’t sound too hard. But for one uniform manufacturer, calculating and paying their employees one-by-one was very clunky and time-consuming.

The manufacturer’s payroll program, Pronto, was heavily process-driven and not very user-friendly. To make matters worse, their payroll administrator had to manually pay people in the bank as there was no integration, which was tying up a significant portion of their time every week.

When the ATO changed its payroll reporting requirements and the manufacturer approached their ERP provider to replace their payroll with one that was ATO-compliant, they were shocked at the quote they received. So they turned to Omnia Business Solutions.

Omnia knew exactly how to solve the manufacturer’s problem, because a lot of clients come to us for employee management and payroll solutions.

We implemented Xero accounting software that’s designed for small businesses with 25-plus employees, just like the uniform manufacturer.

  • There was no need for the manufacturer to replace their entire ERP system – we simply integrated it to Xero
  • We also linked Xero with the ATO, for automatic employee tax file number declarations and Single Touch Payroll reporting
  • We also integrated it with the company’s superannuation clearing house, so every employee’s super payment would be lodged and deducted automatically from the manufacturer’s bank account
  • The manufacturer also benefited from Xero’s self-service feature, which allows employees to apply for leave or download their pay slip whenever they need to from any smart device

“Xero is so easy to grasp, outlining step-by-step what is required. With some training, I was up and running in no time.”

  • We integrated employee payments with the manufacturer’s selected bank account
  • The manufacturer reduced the time needed to calculate and pay employees by more than 50%, while increasing accuracy

Payroll is now a breeze, thanks to Xero simplified online accounting solution. The manufacturer enjoyed an immediate productivity boost and improved its accuracy as well.

“As a newbie to payroll, I immediately noticed the difference from using a process-driven software program like Pronto to using Xero,” their accounts officer said.

“David took great care of this for us and made my job much easier. Xero is so easy to grasp, outlining step-by-step what is required. With some training, I was up and running in no time.”

For a fast, reliable payroll system, contact Omnia Business Solutions on 0429 966 642 or complete this form.

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