Omnia Helps Butcher Overhaul Inefficient, Unreliable Accounting System


If your accounting system was constantly crashing and doubled the time it took you to complete even basic transactions, you’d probably be pulling your hair out, right? 

This was what a wholesale butcher, based in the NSW city of Newcastle, had to endure with their previous accounting set-up, which was frustratingly cumbersome. 

  • The butcher’s MYOB accounting system was server-based. So employees had to be in the office to connect to the system. 
  • It relied heavily on manual processes. Invoices were printed from the eCommerce platform and manually entered into MYOB. Suppliers and employees were paid one painstaking bank transaction at a time. Then the information was captured manually in the accounting system.
    The system was unreliable. It regularly logged employees off to run updates or simply crashed. Productivity suffered because employees were often unable to work.

With little to no support from the software provider, the butcher approached Omnia Business Solutions for a solution. We’d seen this situation before, so we knew just how to fix the problem.

    • Omnia converted the butcher’s accounting software to Xero and integrated it with the HubDoc document management system. Invoices are now captured via email or from a photo on the user’s smartphone and then integrated to Xero. A copy of the invoice is kept in Xero for compliance purposes. 
    • We integrated the butcher’s eCommerce platform with Xero for seamless transfer of invoices.
    • We introduced batching for supplier payments and staff payroll. This eliminated duplicated work and increased data integrity. It simplified the employee payroll process, which is now completed in half the time.

We introduced batching for supplier invoicing and payroll. This simplified the employee payroll process, which is now completed in half the time.

  • The system is compliant with the ATO’s single-touch payroll system. Also, superannuation can be lodged and paid via the Xero superannuation clearing house, which simplifies reporting and keeps the business compliant with the ATO.
  • The conversion to Xero included a hybrid migration of the previous financial year’s data, which makes reporting easier with comparative years. 
  • The system is cloud-based, so employees can now work remotely, which became critical when Newcastle entered a Covid-induced lockdown. 

Struggling with a clunky accounting set-up?  Contact Omnia Business Solutions to fix the  problem.  

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